Running from the Command Line


ikaros - runs the Ikaros system


ikaros [options][attribute="value"] control_file


The ikaros command start the execution of Ikaros with the files specified. Typically, a single control file is used.

Ikaros catches CTRL-C and will attempt to terminate gracefully. A second CTRL-C will terminate Ikaros immediately.


-aList all; implies -m -l and -T (if -t is set).
-b#Run batch #.
-BRun in batch mode.
-cList installed classes.
-ilist installed functionality: sockets, timer etc, type of target system.
-lList scheduling.
-mList modules and connections.
-nCheck that no outputs contains NANs. This option will slow down Ikaros somewhat but is useful for debugging to locate numerical problems such as division by zero etc.
-pPrint profiling data after execution. This option will list all modules and how much time they have used (in real time).
-qQuiet mode.
-r#Run in real-time mode with time base # ms.
-s#Stop after # ticks.
-tUse threads. This option will create a separate thread for each set of modules with zero-delay connections between them.
-TUse threads and list thread allocation.
-u#Number of ticks to run for each step in the WebUI.
-vVerbose mode
-w#Start WebUI at port #. If -w is specified without a port number port 8000 will be used.
-W#Start WebUI in debug mode at port #; lists all HTTP requests
-xList xml after parsing. This option is useful for debugging and prints the internal XML-tree built from the supplied ikc-file.
-XDebug xml parser; print tokenizer data.
-z#Seed random number generator.

These options are listed when Ikaros is started without any arguments. Each option must be a listed separately with its own - sign.

Quick Start

To run Ikaros, cd to the /Bin directory and write the following to start up ikaros with the WebUI.

	./ikaros -w8000 ../Examples/WebUI-Demos/web_ui_objects.ikc

Start Chrome and use the URL to view some examples of output that Ikaros can produce.

Setting Parameters

In addition to setting different options, it is also possible to set paramaters directly at the command line using the following syntax:

	ikaros test.ikc alpha="0.1"

This will set the parameter alpha to 0.1 for all modules that do not set this value in the ikc file. The citation characters can be omitted if there are not white space in the attribute value:

	ikaros test.ikc alpha=0.1


	ikaros test.ikc

This will start up Ikaros with the model described in the file test.ikc.

	ikaros -w9000 test.ikc

This will start up Ikaros with the file test.ikc in paused mode where Ikaros will wait for commands on port 9000. This option are usually only used by the WebUI when it starts Ikaros.

	ikaros -r100 test.ikc

This will start up Ikaros with the file test.ikc in real-time mode and execute ten ticks every second (i.e. 100ms per tick).

Exit Codes

0No error
1Memory allocation error
2XML error
3Socket error
4Fatal error
-1Undefined error


A separate '-' is required for each option.