UI object that displays a plot based on the output from a module.

the plot object
Example Plot View

The plot object acts as an oscilloscope that plots the current value of one or several outputs components.

As defult, only element 0 is ploted, but other elements can be selected using the select attributes that specifies a list of elements to plot. For example, the list "1, 3, 5" would select three elements with the specified indices.

The color of each plot can be set by supplying a list of colors in the 'color' attribute. For example, the list "red, green, blue" would set the colors of the first thee plots, The color names are standard HTML colors.

The plot object does not save its input. This means that if the object has not been in view for a number of ticks, it will not draw what happened during this time. Instead, it continues with the new values.

Example XML definitions

Basic example:


Example of XML definition that plots the first two output elements in a matrix in red and green:

    select = "2, 7"
    color = "red, green"


Attribute Description Default
class must be "Plot"  
title title of the object module.source
x placement of the object  
y placement of the object  
w width of the object 1
h height of the object 1
module name of the module to be visualized  
source name of the output to be visualized  
min minimum value; used to scale the plot 0
max maximum value; used to scale the plot 1
select selects what elements to plot "0"
type the type of plot (normal/stack) normal
color colors of the different plots "yellow"
stroke_width width of the lines 1
Attributes without default values must be specified.


Christian Balkenius
Lund University Cognitive Science