Polar Plot

UI object that displays a Polar Plot based on the output from a module. A number of values in an array are mapped onto points at the corresponding distance from the center of the graph.

the Polar Plot object
Example Polar Plot Views

Example XML definitions

Basic example:

    class="Polar Plot"


Attribute Description Default
class must be "Polar Plot"  
x placement of the object  
y placement of the object  
w width of the object 1
h height of the object 1
module name of the module to be visualized  
source name of the output to be visualized  
title title of the object module.source
margin min distance from outer circle 10
offset rotationm of the first value in radians 3.1415
axes number of axes 5
grid_color the color of the grid lines "yellow"
grid_fill color between the grid lines "none"
grid_stroke_width 1
color color of the ploted line "yellow"
fill color of the area inside the ploted line "#440"
stroke_width width of the plotted line 1
line_color color of lines from the center to each point "none"
line_stroke_width width of the above lines 1
Attributes without default values must be specified.


Christian Balkenius
Lund University Cognitive Science


Polar Plot.js