Ikaros Data Files

Data files are used as input to Ikaros and consists of a number of columns of floating point values. This is the file format read by the module InputFile.

An Example

The following example shows how the header describes the number of columns in each output vector and its name:

 X/2         Y/3
  10   2.0    12     5     8
   2    31   5.4    10     1

The first output will get the name "X" and consists of two values while the second output will be called "Y" and contain three elements. Each row in the file corresponds to the output from an InputFile module at each time step.

Comments can be added in the data file after a hash sign (#) as in the following example:

 # This is a comment; this line will be ignored in the input
   X/2 Y/3
  10   2.0    12     5     8	# This is also a comment
   2    31   5.4    10     1	# and this

Blank lines in the file are skipped. When the whole file has been read, the module sends an end-of-file signal to the Ikaros kernel which will stop the execution. This is useful in off-line simulations.

The data files can have any of the three popular line terminators: CR, LF, or CR+LF.